Barn-OwlBelow are some links to articles I have had published.

Luther Elliss: Life After Pro Football
Healthy & Fit Magazine, March 2012
What happens when a pro football career comes to a sudden halt? How does a top-flight professional athlete stay in shape when he no longer plays the game or has access to training facilities, coaches and trainers?

Luther Elliss, Dairy Advocate for Michigan’s School Children
MMPA Milk Messenger
September 2011
The United Dairy Industry of Michigan has been working intensively to activate the Fuel Up to Play 60 (FUTP 60) program throughout the state.

Be a Model for Your Child’s Sportsmanship
Healthy & Fit Magazine, May 2011
sports’man ship’ (n.) the practice of playing fair, of taking loss or defeat without complaint or victory without gloating, and treating opponents with fairness, generosity, courtesy, etc.

Stream of Conscience
Michigan Out-of-Doors Magazine, April 2001
Caught on a river without the rules for fishing it…what now?

Spirit of the Hunt
Michigan Out-of-Doors Magazine, November 1998
Musings of the passing deer season and what it means to the soul.

Its Healthy To Do Good
Healthy & Fit Magazine, July 2011
Volunteering can be great therapy.

Reviving a Partnership
Tuebor Terra Magazine, May/June 1991
Spring renews commitment to spruce up wildlife’s homeland.

Fit to Make the Call
Healthy & Fit Magazine, October 2009 (Also reprinted in the Michigan High School Athletic Association Benchmarks Magazine shown here)
High school officials improve their fitness to keep up with high school athletes.



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